What is RPO Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

Recruitment process outsourcing is when a business shift all or part of its employee hiring activities to a third-party provider. RPO staffing agencies can handle every part of a company’s recruitment process from sourcing talent, to screening candidates and onboarding new hires among other things. Talent acquisition recruiters for RPOs are specialists in the hiring process and are familiar with a variety of recruitment technologies..

RPO: Recruitment Advantages for Your Business

Finding and hiring qualified candidates to fill vacant positions in your business can be a difficult and time-consuming process. Many companies are turning to RPO recruiting companies to fulfill their hiring requirements. RPO recruiting firms can assume responsibility for the entire process or augment your in-house recruitment team. Some of the advantages of using recruitment process outsourcing services include: 

  • Higher quality of talent: IT staffing services typically have a large talent pool they can pull from and they know where to source hard to find skill sets. They are familiar with diverse industries and have the experience and expertise to use a variety of channels to locate and attract the top talent you need to fill important positions. A RPO employment provider focuses all their energies on recruiting the best available talent for your company whereas your in-house staff will have other responsibilities that may distract them.
  • Faster hires: time is of the essence when your company is seeking to fill an important position. Recruitment process outsourcing companies have developed many contacts in diverse industries and have access to talent pools that they can draw on with short notice. Not only will a remote talent sourcer quickly find viable candidates, they will also carefully screen them to ensure they have the right qualifications and are a good fit for your company.
  • Decrease recruiting expenses: using a recruitment process outsourcing provider will lessen your recruiting costs. Recruitment activities provided by an RPO can be increased or decreased based on your current needs and you pay based on services used. By streamlining your hiring process a RPO consultant increases productivity by filling positions faster and reduces the HR resources used to find and hire employees.
  • Scalability: staffing requirements at companies often experience highs and lows for a variety of reasons. An offshore recruitment process outsourcing firm will be able to adjust their hiring activities as needed to meet your business’s changing staff requirements.
  • Compliance with hiring regulations: laws and regulations regarding recruiting and hiring vary in different countries and regions. The virtual recruiters working with your business will have extensive knowledge of the labor laws in the areas they serve and will ensure you are in compliance with all regulations thereby reducing your risk.

Types of RPO Recruiting We Provide

When considering outsourced recruiting services for your business keep in mind that RPOs come in several forms with each fulfilling different hiring needs. There are four main RPO model recruitment types that you can choose from.

types of rpo recruiting

Project-Based Recruiting RPO Model

For companies that are launching a new product or have a specific job/contract that needs to be completed, project-based recruitment may be the way to go. This RPO model is perfect for short-term hiring needs within a specific scope and timeline that has defined goals. A virtual headhunter can assist you with recruiting the qualified experts you need for specialized projects while your in-house staff manages day-to-day hiring.

Recruiter on Demand RPO Model

This model of the outsourcing recruitment process is good for businesses with unpredictable hiring needs that go up or down depending on the season, incoming projects or any other reason. On demand RPO services assist businesses in adapting to rapid changes in staffing needs quickly and you can get the resources you need exactly when you need them.

Hybrid RPO Model

The hybrid RPO approach involves outsourcing a portion of your business’s recruiting needs while retaining control of a portion of the process. This allows your company to benefit from the advantages that come from using RPO services while you can still play to the strengths of your in-house team.

End-to-End RPO model

The RPO firm assumes responsibility for the entire recruitment process with this model. End-to-end recruitment is generally an ongoing solution that could extend for multiple years. From candidate sourcing, screening, interviewing, and offer management up to making the hire and even the onboarding of new employees, this type of RPO model takes care of everything to do with your company’s recruitment process.

Evaluate the advantages that each RPO model provides to your company and select the one that best meets all your requirements.

RPO Providers vs. Traditional Staffing Agencies

Some people may view the services offered by an RPO provider to be similar to those provided by a traditional staffing agency but that is not exactly accurate. Both have the goal of filling vacant job positions with employees that meet your requirements but the similarities end there.

Traditional staffing agencies often have a temporary relationship with the companies they provide talent for. Once a candidate is placed in a position they move on. Their income is based entirely on positions filled. Typically, they work with multiple customers with the main goal being to identify potential candidates, get their CVs and pass them on to the employer. If they are unable to find a qualified candidate they move on to the next job. Essentially their role is to introduce the candidate to the employer. This is similar to the way some BPO recruiting services work.

Recruitment process outsourcing providers work differently. An RPO recruiter is dedicated to hiring for one company or organization. They will keep working on filling a position until they place a qualified person in the vacancy. Every aspect of the recruitment process is the responsibility of the RPO including developing a recruiting strategy, creating job descriptions, screening candidates, interviews, making offers, onboarding new candidates and more. Not only do they work at finding and hiring qualified talent, they also ensure that the potential employee is a good fit for your company so you won’t have to look at replacing them a few months down the road.

What Makes a Good RPO Provider?

There are many recruitment process outsourcing firms offering their services but they aren’t all the same. Before contracting with an RPO provider you need to make sure they are the right one for you. Here are some of the things you should look at when selecting an RPO.

things to consider while choosing recruitment process outsourcing companies
  • Familiarity with your industry: every RPO doesn’t support every type of industry. The majority of RPO firms will specialize in a few industries such as manufacturing, medical, retail or others. The RPO you go with should have experience in your industry.
  • Volume: depending on the size of your recruiting requirements you will need to look at what sort of volume the RPO can handle. They should be able to handle the number of hires you require. It is possible to get an idea of the capacity they can manage by looking at the number of hires they have made in previous years.
  • Time to hire: assuming the RPO can manage the number of hires you require, can they do so on time? It is not only important that they find and hire qualified candidates; they must be able to get them when you need them.
  • Quality of talent: the quality talent of the talent provided by the RPO is definitely important. A good recruitment processing agency will maintain a database of high quality talent that you can draw from so that your business can also maintain high standards.
  • Countries served: the regions served by the RPO will be a factor in deciding whether they are a good choice for you. Do they have access to talent in the country you require? Just as important, they should be familiar with the labor laws of that country to ensure you are in compliance with all hiring regulations.
  • Services offered: it is critical that the provider offers the services that you need. Are you looking for a full service end-to-end provider or recruitment on demand? Does the agency offer onboarding services and training? A good RPO can provide a full range of services and customize them to fit your specific requirements.
  • History: one way to tell how good a RPO is, is by checking their track-record with other companies. Are previous and current clients satisfied with the services provided? Some of the metrics used to measure performance include cost per hire, the amount of time to fill positions, and quality of hire. A good RPO should have no problem with providing references you can check.

Why Choose Our Company as Your RPO Staffing Provider

We are a Ukraine-based business process outsourcing provider that offers RPO staffing services to fulfill your recruitment needs. There are many firms offering RPO services today, providing businesses with plenty of options. Here are a few of the reasons we are a good choice to be your RPO staffing provider:

  • Lower wages: the cost to hire recruitment specialists from us is significantly less than the cost in Western Europe and North Americas. At the same time a remote IT recruiter from our company will have an equivalent level of skill and experience. Also associated expenses such as equipment and office space are assumed by us.
  • Extensive project experience: recruitment specialists from our company have extensive experience due to the amount of outsourcing done within the country. This is in diverse industries and they have the knowledge and skills to find and hire the talent you require.
  • We speak your language: our recruitment experts are fluent in English and in addition many of them speak a number of other languages as well.
  • Speed of recruitment: our recruitment services can find the staff that you need from the extensive pool of workers here in the country. We are also aware that your requirements can change and are capable of making necessary adjustments rapidly.

In addition to recruiting teams, we provide a variety of other BPO services and can even assist you with setting up an R&D center in Ukraine.

choose reliable rpo staffing provider

Our Company Specializes in IT Recruitment Services

Our BPO outsourcing company specializes in IT staffing and recruitment for diverse industries. Some of the types of specialists our IT recruitment processing outsourcing service can provide include but are not limited to:

  • Web developers
  • Application engineers
  • Programmers
  • Network engineers
  • IT security specialists
  • Data scientists
  • Blockchain and distributed ledger specialists
  • Software engineers
  • Cloud computing engineers
  • IoT specialists
  • UI/UX designers

We can provide IT specialists for technology startups in a wide range of industries. Some of the industries a startup recruiter from our company can hire for include:

  • EdTech: our EdTech recruiting specialists can help you find experts in the wide range of programming languages the industry calls for as well as data science specialists and UX designers that are in demand in the EdTech field.
  • BioTech: cloud computing and cyber security are a few of the specialists needed in this field and our BioTech recruiting firm will ensure your team has these and any other experts you need. A BioTech recruiter from our company is experienced in the industry and knows where to find qualified specialists and how to attract them to your company.
  • FinTech: this is a rapidly growing field with FinTech headhunters competing for top talent. Our FinTech recruiting service will ensure you get skilled and experienced specialists that fulfill your requirements.
  • MarTech: the MarTech recruiters we provide you with are experienced in marketing technology and know where to acquire a specialist familiar with your marketing stack, and what is required to bring them to your firm. 
  • AdTech: need an advertising technology specialist for your team? Our AdTech recruiters will use their experience and knowledge to find and hire the specialists your business needs.
  • Other tech industries: aside from those already mentioned we can provide RPO services for many other tech startups like PropTech, InsurTech, eCommerce and others.

Whether you need AdTech/FinTech talent acquisition & consulting or some other IT specialist a virtual IT recruiter from our company will ensure you get top-quality talent for your team.

To fulfill all of your hiring requirements contact us and learn more about our RPO staffing services!