Remote Omnichannel Customer Service

Our company offers omnichannel customer service to ensure your customers get the help they need in a timely manner. We provide a full range of services across all channels of communication to help keep your customers satisfied. Here are some of the services a dedicated customer service representative can provide to your business.

Email Answering Services

With a flood of emails hitting your email in-box every day it is easy to fall behind which doesn’t reflect well on your business. When you outsource email support from us your customer’s questions and requests will always receive a fast and professional response. Your remote email support specialist will quickly learn your business specifics and respond to emails following your guidelines. In addition to responding to queries they can extract and store data from emails, escalate requests if necessary or perform any other task related to emails.

Phone Support Services

With our virtual phone answering service there will be somebody available to take calls 24/7 so your customers don’t have to wait to get the help they require. The remote help desk support we provide is made up of well-trained professionals who will follow your guidelines on how to respond to calls. These specialists have experience in a wide variety of fields and our phone support services are available in multiple languages. We have outsourced call center solutions to solve any in-bound call issues you may have.

Live Chat Support

For many people live chat customer support is their preferred method to deal with customer services. However it may not be feasible for your business to offer in-house live chat support. One solution is live chat outsourcing through our company. You can outsource live chat 24/7 with our services and provide instant answers to your customer’s questions and concerns for far less than doing it in-house. The selected live chat staff have experience in many different industries and will respond to inquiries following your guidelines and scripts.

Technical Support

It is essential that companies provide technical support for their products if they want to maintain good customer relations. You can outsource tech support through our company in a wide range of fields including healthcare, IT, financial services and telecommunications. Whether it is outsourced IT support or some other industry, we can provide technical support 24/7. These specialists can offer you assistance from the most basic questions up to complex issues requiring level 3 tech support. Let us know your requirements and we will assemble a team perfectly suited to fulfill your tech support needs.

eCommerce Support Services

To be successful an eCommerce business needs to be able to provide help for their customers at any time. Poor customer support could cost you a sale and a customer. With eCommerce customer service outsourcing you never have to worry about a shopper on your site getting the help they need. We can provide customer support for any type of eCommerce website including services for Shopify and Amazon sites 24/7. All specialists are well versed in eCommerce business processes and the technologies involved and will respond to all inquiries quickly following your guidelines to ensure customer satisfaction.

SaaS Support

Good customer support is an important part of any business. However due to their business model, great SaaS customer support 24/7 is essential. Our SaaS customer support specialists will provide high quality around-the-clock service to respond to any issues your customers may have. In addition to resolving customer problems the specialist will generate a report that will assist you with analyzing your customer’s use of your product and with determining if any changes need to be made.

These and many other virtual customer care professional services are available through our outsourcing company.

Hire Social Media Marketer and Other Specialists with Ease

For anybody wanting to outsource marketing Ukraine is one of your best options. We are a Ukrainian company that offers a full range of remote digital marketing services. Our company can provide you with a single online marketing expert or assemble a dedicated team customized to fit your specific requirements. The following are some of the marketing specialists we can hire for your company.

Full-stack marketing managers

A full-stack marketer is familiar with every aspect of online marketing including email marketing, PPC, analytics, copywriting and more. When you need someone to head up a digital marketing team our full-stack marketers have the skills and experience to develop and implement campaigns across multiple platforms. A full-stack manager may assume many roles at a small business or start up or manage a large team at bigger companies.

Product managers

A product manager’s job is introducing a product to the marketplace and doing what it takes to promote and sell that product. The remote product manager you hire through our company will assist with identifying your product’s audience and develop a strategy to increase demand. They will conduct market research through surveys, customer interviews and other means and analyze the data collected to develop marketing positioning around your products. They also collaborate and provide guidance to marketing sales teams to ensure their strategy is implemented.

Project managers

Project managers oversee a project or projects such as marketing campaigns that have a fixed end. When you hire a remote project manager through our company they will work with your marketing director to plot out the different tasks required for implementing the desired marketing strategy. They create project timelines and coordinate with other team members to ensure tasks are completed on time and develop project budgets among other things.

Content marketers

A remote content manager from our company will be in charge of all content for your business’s marketing including text, audio and video. Content marketers manage everything to do with content from planning to content creation and the publishing of content on different platforms. They are also familiar with different content management systems (CMSs) as well as analytics tools to analyze how content is being received. Other skills include HTML, CSS and knowledge of sharing applications such as SoundCloud and YouTube.

Affiliate marketers

Affiliate marketing is a popular strategy used by many businesses to obtain leads and sell their products using third-parties. Affiliate marketers for hire through our company can help you develop your affiliate program. They will recruit and onboard new affiliates as well as provide affiliate support such as advising on potential strategies they can use. Other tasks include monitoring affiliates, tracking and analyzing metrics and KPIs and developing affiliate creatives like banners, pre-written copy and product images that affiliates can use.

Remote writers and editors

Content writing and editing is an important role in marketing. A remote content writer from our company will be able to engage your target audience with useful and relevant content and guide them through your sales funnel. They can also help improve your SEO by using the appropriate keywords naturally in their text as well as by increasing back-links to your site by writing content other authoritative sites want to link to. Blog posts, emails, social media posts and case studies are some of the types of written content they provide. Our content writers possess good editing skills but we can also provide a remote editor to ensure content is error free and written in the style you desire.

SEO experts

If you want your business website to rank higher in search engine results you may need to hire SEO expert help. A remote SEO specialist from our company is familiar with on-page, off-site and technical SEO. They will make use of a variety of tactics such as clean URLs, internal linking, meta tags, back-links and more to ensure your website is more visible to the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. They track and analyze a variety of data from your website to see what is working and what isn’t and make the necessary adjustments. In addition they will analyze your competitor’s websites to see what is working for them and if it can be incorporated into your SEO strategy.

Email marketing managers

Email marketing is one of the oldest forms of internet marketing but still remains one of the best ways to generate leads and grow your business. When you outsource email marketing through our company our specialists will develop and implement email marketing strategies and campaigns. They will also help you develop and manage your own database of email lists and use data analysis and email segmentation so you can target specific audiences. The specialist will analyze the results of campaigns to determine what is working so they can make adjustments as necessary to get the best results.

Link building and outreach specialists

When you hire link builder services from us our specialist focuses on adding high quality inbound links to your website from other sites. They will develop and implement a plan to add, optimize and track your links. A variety of techniques are used to add backlinks such as unlinked brand/ product mentions and broken link recovery. Sometimes businesses will hire outreach manager services to work with the backlink specialist. An outreach specialist identifies and vets sites that could provide good backlinks and makes a case for them to link to your site. Metrics they review to identify potential links include page authority, relevancy, popularity, linking habits, spam score, trust flow and domain authority.

Lead generation specialists

You can outsource lead generation and sales tasks using specialists you hire through our company. The lead generation specialist remote staff we provide are experienced using outbound calls, emails and various other methods to generate new leads for your sales team. Leads are pre-qualified by our experts to ensure your sales team isn’t wasting their time. Our specialists lead generation services include data analysis, database management and market identification among other things.

Social media marketers

Social media plays a big role in digital marketing. When you hire social media marketer through our company they can help you develop a SMM strategy and choose the best platforms for your company. Some of the other social media management services they provide include making posts to your social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram, responding to comments, refining your target audience, track and analyze metrics, track your competitor’s social media accounts and analyze what’s working for them and much more.

PPC managers

When you outsource PPC management services through our company our specialists will develop and implement pay-per-click campaigns for your company. This includes keyword research, selecting media channels and tracking and analyzing results on an ongoing basis so adjustments can be made if required. They will also track and analyze your competitors PPC campaigns, monitor SEO trends and assist with landing page design.

These and other marketing specialists can be hired through our business process outsourcing company.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services

Putting a tech team together for your company can be a challenging task to say the least. One alternative to you assembling a team yourself is to use a recruitment process outsourcing service like we offer. We are an RPO provider that specializes in recruiting talent for startups in a variety of industries. The dedicated remote recruiter you hire through our company can find and recruit the tech talent you need to complete your team. 

Our IT staffing company provides tech recruiters with experience in the field you are hiring for so they know the skills required to fill tech positions on your team and will assist you with every step of the recruitment process. Types of startups a tech head hunter you hire through our company can recruit for include:

MarTech recruiters. MarTech, or Marketing Technology, refers to the different tools and software that are used by a marketing team to achieve their marketing objectives. As a whole these tools and software are referred to as a marketing stack. A remote talent sourcing specialist from our company can assist your company with recruiting a marketing technologist with the necessary skills and experience to manage your marketing stack. You need a MarTech technologist who knows your content management system (CMS) and who is familiar with the customer relationship management software (CMS) and other software in your stack and our recruiters know where to find the people you need and how to approach them.

AdTech recruiters. AdTech is the software and tools used to strategize, set up and manage digital advertising activities such as data management platforms, digital banners, ad exchanges and networks and much more. To take full advantage of all the tools available and get the most out of campaigns you need an AdTech specialist. A remote recruiter from our company will assist you in finding and recruiting AdTech specialists for your business. From sourcing candidates to initial interviews, background checks and onboarding, our recruiter will be with you every step of the way.

FinTech recruiters. Financial technology, sometimes referred to as FinTech, is any technology that delivers financial services through software. It can be anything from online banking, mobile payment apps, investment apps, online lenders, cryptocurrency and other financial services. Some of the most in-demand skills in FinTech are blockchain and distributed ledger experts, machine learning, AI and deep learning, programming skills in languages like Java, C++ and Python as well as expertise in cyber security. A virtual IT recruiter from our company will get you the FinTech expertise you need for your project.

EdTech recruiters. There is a growing demand for technical specialists in the companies that create educational technology. EdTech is the combination of hardware, software and educational theory to provide better learning experiences. Skills currently in demand in the EdTech sector are UX design, programming skills in languages such as HTML5, PHP, JavaScript, Node.JS, Ruby, C# and others, data science skills with a background in SQL, R, Python and data visualization, cyber security skills and many others. Recruiters from our IT RPO service have the background and network to find the EdTech technical personnel you need and will work with you through the entire recruitment process. 

PropTech recruiters. Property technology refers to the use of information technology and digital platform models in the real estate market. It covers many different applications such as digital property management systems, tech-enabled listing services and brokerages, smart home technology, residential and commercial lending, 3D-modeling and research and analytics just to name a few. The skills required by a PropTech startup can vary tremendously depending on the particular project. Our PropTech recruiter will work with you to determine exactly the skill-sets your project requires and use their industry experience to build the ideal team for you.

InsurTech recruiters. Insurance is yet another field that technology is bringing big changes to. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are two skills in high demand as are a number of different programming languages such as Java, C++ and others. Experience with IoT (Internet of Things) is also needed in some companies. There is a lot of competition for the top technical talent but our InsurTech recruiters are experienced in the industry and know where to find the help you need and what it will take to get them onboard.

These are just some of the many types of technical start-ups our IT recruitment specialists can build teams for.

Data Annotation and Labeling Services

We offer data annotation services for the categorization and labeling of data used in machine learning and Artificial Intelligence applications. With data labeling AI applications can be trained to understand specific information. Our company offers ML data labeling for the four primary types of data; text, images, video and audio.

Text annotation. High-quality and accurate data sets are critical to creating successful AI applications. A data annotation specialist from our company has the skills and experience to provide quality data sets categorized to your requirements. Text annotation services include character recognition, text classification, transcription and text summarization. The selected specialists are familiar with sentiment, intent, semantic and relationship annotation in a number of different languages.

Image labeling. A team of experts from our data labeling agency can fulfill all your image labeling needs. Good image annotation is critical to your projects success but it is a time consuming process. The specialists are aware how important it is to be accurate and pay strict attention to detail. Types of image annotations our specialists can provide include semantic segmentation, 3D bounding box, 2D bounding box, polygon annotation, tagging, landmark and image masking.

Video annotation. Video annotation requires going through a video frame by frame with each frame needing to be annotated. A data annotator from our company is experienced in a variety of techniques including polygons, 3D boxes, 2D bounding boxes, landmarks, tagging/labeling and lines and splines. Your experts can also classify and categorize different events in video. We have experience providing high quality and accurate video annotation services for a variety of industries and are capable of putting together an ideal team for your project.

Audio annotation. Audio annotation is needed for a variety of applications such as chatbots and speech recognition. An experienced audio data labeler from our company can provide sound labeling services including multi-labeling for overlapping sounds as well as event tracking and audio classification. Our audio annotation services also include speech to text transcription.

How Our BPO Services Work

We are a BPO Ukraine based company that specializes in creating support teams that fit your business’s specific requirements. The following are the steps our business process outsourcing service follows to hire the personnel you need:

Provide us with your requirements: we will talk with you to via phone or Skype to clarify your specific requirements whether you need one specialist or an entire team.

Candidate selection: the resumes of the most suitable candidates matching your requirements will be forwarded to you.

Conduct interviews: you conduct interviews of your preferred candidates by Skype or video conference. In some cases you may want to administer a test if it will assist you in your final selection.

Final preparations: we discuss workflow and determine a start date. Once the service agreement is signed everything is ready to proceed.

When you are ready to put together a team for your project, contact us to learn more about our BPO services!

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