Building Remote Customer Support Teams: Why Go for It

A remote customer support team handles customer concerns and issues from a remote location rather than being tied to your business office. An increasing number of businesses are choosing to outsource customer service staffing rather than hire an in-house team. The following are some of the reasons for building a remote dedicated customer support team.

  • Provide faster service: customers today have high expectations when it comes to customer support. With an outsourced customer service team you can offer 24/7 support services that respond immediately to inquiries, complaints, help requests and other issues.
  • Access to a large talent pool: when you hire customer support staff locally it can be difficult and time consuming to find the qualified staff you need. Outsourcing a remote team gives you access to skilled and experienced personnel from all over the world.
  • Better coverage: with an outsourced remote team you can offer omnichannel customer service via phone, email, live chat, social media and other channels.
  • Flexible: a remote customer support team provides you with more flexibility. Your company’s needs can change, sometimes with little notice, and a remote team offers the opportunity for on demand customer support so you can adjust to changes easily.
  • Lower costs: the salaries when you hire customer support overseas are generally significantly less than hiring in-house staff. In addition you are eliminating costs like office space, equipment, paid vacation and other expenses associated with in-house staff.

Types of Customer Support Reps We Can Hire for Our Clients

We can hire customer support reps to provide a variety of customer support services for our clients. The following are some of the types of customer support services they can provide.

remote customer support services

Telephone Answering Services

Our agents can provide outsourced phone support for your business needs. We hire skilled customer support specialists experienced in diverse industries. Calls are answered professionally following your guidelines. Telephone answering services include handling complaints, providing information to clients, taking messages and more. Bilingual and after hours phone answering services are available.

Email Customer Support Services

Avoid an overloaded inbox with our email customer support services. A remote email support specialist hired through our company is capable of dealing with your company’s email correspondence. Following your guidelines, they can respond to customer emails and provide professional responses to anything from general questions and price quotations to customer complaints and technical questions. Services can include extracting and storing email data, escalating requests and other tasks related to emails.

Live Chat Outsourcing

When you hire live chat agents through our company they can provide high-level support 24/7 so your customers receive immediate assistance. Our website chat support agents are professionals and can work with any chat software. They will respond to customers following your scripts and guidelines. Live chat outsourcing services are available in multiple languages and we can provide agents with experience in many different industries.

Social Media Customer Support

Social media platforms have come to play a major role in customer support. The problem is it can take a lot of time to keep up with multiple social media accounts. We can provide a social media customer support specialist to handle interactions with customers on social media platforms. They can respond to customer queries and deal with complaints and issues quickly and professionally following your guidelines.

Call Center Support

Call centers do a lot more than handle phones these days. Outsourced call center solutions through our company offer support across a variety of channels. Our agents provide both inbound and outbound support services that include appointment setting, sales order processing and lead generation and qualification just to name a few. You can also outsource cold calling services through us. The cold calling specialists we hire are experienced professionals in both B2B and B2C lead generation and appointment settings. Remote chat and email support are also available. Services are available 24/7 and we have multilingual agents. Just tell us your requirements and the call center support services will be customized to meet your specific needs.

Additional Customer Support Services

Regardless of your customer support requirements, we can provide what you need. Other services we offer include receptionist service outsourcing, SaaS support and others.

CS Outsourcing Agents Serve Many Industries

Our company provides CS outsourcing services to many different industries. The following are a few of the industries our customer support agents serve:

industries dedicated customer support team can serve
  • Financial services: we offer customer support in the financial industry including banking, accounting, funds and investments, insurance and others. Services a dedicated customer service representative hired by us can provide include application processing, lead generation, appointment setting, issue resolution and more.
  • Healthcare: customer service agents we hire can provide a variety of services to the healthcare industry such as 24/7 medical answering services, dealing with complaints, appointment scheduling, healthcare surveys and provider outreach among others.
  • Telecommunications: businesses in the telecommunications industry such as mobile network operators and cable companies can avail themselves of our customer support services. Our specialists can; provide tech support, respond to inquiries, generate leads, upgrade subscribers and much more.
  • Logistics and transportation: a virtual customer service representative hired by our company can provide many support services such as freight booking, dispatching, tracking service and dealing with customer inquiries and issues among other things.
  • eCommerce and retail: among the customer support services an experienced agent from our company can provide for your business are taking and managing orders, responding to inquiries and complaints, making sales calls and upselling products.
  • Information technology: our IT customer support agents have experience in the industry and can provide a range of services including technical support, order taking and responding to customer inquiries and complaints to name a few.
  • Marketing and advertising: we offer a full range of services to those in marketing and advertising related businesses. In addition to responding to customer inquiries and providing phone answering services our support agents conduct surveys, make cold calls, take orders and provide other services across multiple channels.
  • Other industries: in addition to the industries mentioned above we have customer support agents experienced in other industries including travel and hospitality, SaaS, agriculture and many others.

Values Offered When You Hire Customer Support Overseas

We are a Ukraine-based company that offers customer support outsourcing to help our clients build outstanding CS teams. Our recruiters know where to find a virtual customer support rep that has the qualities and experience you require and we are dedicated to ensuring you receive the highest possible level of service

With the popularity of remote CS teams on the rise, there has been an increase in the number of companies providing such services and outsourcing firms have to be exceptional to stand out. Here are some of the reasons why we are an attractive choice for those needing strong dedicated CS teams.

  • Skilled and experienced agents: the key to great customer support is the quality of the agents. The CS agents we provide are skilled and possess extensive experience in diverse industries. Their expertise will ensure you provide first-rate professional customer service to your customers.
  • Great coverage: we can assist you with providing support services across multiple channels so that your customers can easily access the help they need. Our service are available 24/7 every day of the year.
  • Multiple languages: our customer support agents can provide services in multiple languages. In addition to English our customer support services are available in French, German, Spanish, Russian and a number of others enabling you to offer quality support in many languages.
  • Variety of solutions: every company is different and their needs vary. Our customer support solutions are customized to fit your specific needs and requirements. You will get exactly the specialists you need and agents can be hired on a full-time, part-time or by-the-project basis.
  • Lower costs: salaries for customer support specialists in Ukraine are a good deal less than those in Western Europe and North America for an equivalent level of skill and experience. Expenses such as office space, equipment and other costs are assumed by us, providing you with substantial savings.

In addition to customer support teams, we also offer remote IT support services and other BPO solutions.

hire remote virtual customer service representative

How We Hire Customer Support Staff for You

We have a simple but effective process for recruiting CS agents for your team that consists of a few easy steps.

  1. Establish your requirements: we talk to you via Skype or telephone to determine your specific customer support requirements.
  2. Candidate selection: the resumes of the best qualified customer support agents matching your requirements are forwarded to you for your review.
  3. Hold interviews: you conduct interviews of your preferred candidates by Skype or video conference. You may also administer a test to assist you in your final decision.
  4. Final preparations: we establish a workflow and settle on a starting date. Once the service agreement is signed everything is set and ready to go

Reasons to Consider Ukraine for Customer Support Teams

Ukraine has been a popular IT outsourcing destination for a number of years. Recently it has been recognized for customer support outsourcing as well. Here are a few of the reasons that make Ukraine a good place to set up customer support teams.

  • Large talent pool: Ukraine has many good colleges and universities that not only produce IT and engineering specialists but also graduates in a variety of other fields such as marketing, advertising and others.
  • Location: there is only a one hour time difference between the time zone in Ukraine and most of Western Europe. The regular working hours in parts of North America also overlap with Ukraine. This makes it easy for businesses to schedule meetings and contact their customer support teams.
  • Multilingual: the majority of Ukrainian professionals are proficient in the English language. Many of them are fluent in several other languages as well.
  • Culture: the work culture in Ukraine is similar to that in much of Europe and North America. They share the same work values making it easier to find qualified people who are a good fit with your business.
  • Lower costs: due to a lower cost of living, salaries in Ukraine are much less than those in Western Europe and North America for the same level of skills, education and experience

To respond to your customers quickly and effectively contact us and build a remote customer support team in Ukraine!