Best Way to Find a Virtual Marketing Assistant or Build a Marketing Team

Maybe you are looking for a virtual marketing assistant, even an entire marketing team for hire. What is the best way to find and recruit the specialists you need? First, you need to determine what qualifications you are looking for. You will need to check the background of candidates such as experience and previous positions held and their education. Interviews should be conducted and you may even want to administer a qualifying test.

That is all well and good but where are you going to find candidates to fill positions? You have three major options; hire in-house help locally, look for freelance marketers or use a remote marketing outsourcing service.

  • Local in-house: finding qualified marketing specialists locally can be time consuming and expensive. You will have to devote HR resources to the search. Methods used can include advertising in local publications, job search boards and local employment agencies. This is the most expensive method of finding and recruiting marketing specialists.
  • Freelancers: recruiting freelance marketing specialists gives you access to a large talent pool. It is also usually the most inexpensive way to find marketing specialists. However, it can be difficult to verify the qualifications of freelancers. In addition they often take on more than one job so they may not always be there when you need them. Freelancers can be found through various sites such as Upwork, Fiverr and
  • Remote marketing outsourcing: outsourcing staffing agencies are generally less expensive than hiring locally. You will have access to a large pool of marketing specialists with experience to draw from to build a remote marketing team. The outstaffing firm handles the entire recruitment process and screens all candidates before you interview them to ensure you only spend time on candidates that meet all of your requirements.

The best way to find a virtual marketing assistant or build a marketing team is to hire internet marketer specialists through an outsourcing service like the one we provide. 

Types of Marketing Professionals We Can Find and Recruit for You

We can recruit any type of digital marketing specialist you need. The following are some of the types of online marketers we can hire for your project:

marketing experts we may hire for you

Full Stack Marketing Managers

Full stack marketing managers are a good choice when you need a specialist or someone to head up a team. They are familiar with all aspects of digital marketing with proficiency in all areas although they may only be an expert in two or three specialties. Our full stack marketing managers can assist with copywriting, SEO, social media marketing or any other area you need assistance in.

SEO Specialists

Affordable search engine optimization services are available when you work with our company. When you hire SEO specialist their main role is to get your website to rank higher in organic search engine results. Tasks a remote SEO manager performs include performing keyword research for marketing materials and content for your website, changing website architecture, content and other factors to improve search engine results  and tracking, analyzing and reporting website analytics and campaigns

Link Building and Outreach Specialists

The objective of link building services is to obtain high-quality back-links to sites relevant to your own. A link building specialist performs back-link audits, analyzes competitors to find back-link opportunities and looks for unlinked brand/product mentions. An outreach marketer helps with increasing back-links to your site. They provide blogger outreach services to convince publishers/websites to link to your site through guest posts. Building relationships with relevant websites, adding quality backlinks and generating more traffic are the benefits of our guest posting services.

Product Marketing Managers

When your business is looking for a remote product manager Ukraine based specialists hired by our company are the way to go. A remote product marketing manager develops strategies to bring a product to market and to promote and sell it. They will develop proof points and messaging for marketing materials, create positioning statements, perform market segmentation for better targeting of markets and analyze sales data and other metrics to see if adjustments to the marketing plan are necessary

Project Managers

The reason to hire a virtual project manager is to oversee fixed projects from start to finish. Some of the areas you will get help in by outsourcing project management services through our company are establishing project goals, monitoring project execution, reporting on project progress and analyzing the results after project completion.

SSM Managers

Many companies today are seeking a social media marketer for hire to take advantage of the marketing opportunities social media platforms provide. Some of the services you get when you hire a social media manager include developing an SMM strategy including choosing the right platforms, posting to your SMM accounts, responding to comments and tracking and analyzing metrics of your accounts and those of your competitors.

Lead Generation Specialists

Lead gen services include database management, data, analysis, market identification and developing a lead generation vehicle to turn your target audience into leads. All their efforts are turned towards generating new leads and pre-qualifying leads for your sales team.

Content Marketing Managers

Content managers are in charge of all marketing content for your business including written content, audio and video. Services you receive when you outsource content marketing through our company include the development and implementation of content marketing plans, content monitoring and analysis of responses to content. Our specialists are familiar with an assortment of content management systems and various content-sharing platforms.

Content Writers

A remote content writer helps produce your company’s written content such as blog posts, social media posts, emails and other marketing material. They incorporate keywords and copywriting techniques to improve SEO and brand awareness and help to improve sales.

Brand Marketing Manager

Hire a brand marketing manager to develop a brand marketing strategy including establishing brand goals, brand promotion, brand positioning and brand design.

Email Marketing Managers

Our email marketing outsourcing service can help you promote your business’s products and services and build relationships with existing and potential customers. An email marketing manager remote specialist can assist with copywriting for cold emails, promotional emails, up-sell/cross-sell emails and other marketing-related emails. They can also automate various types of emails, compile an email database, and design email marketing campaigns and more.

Media Buyers

A digital media buyer remote specialist is responsible for the purchasing of time and ad space on different platforms. Their job includes negotiating with publishers, managing budgets, identifying target audiences, determining media types and placement and analyzing media, sales and consumer data to determine the effectiveness.

Affiliate Managers

If your business has an existing affiliate program or intends to implement one you can hire affiliate marketers through our company. Our specialists can provide a wide range of online affiliate marketing services including recruiting and onboarding new affiliates, monitoring affiliates and ensuring they are in compliance and following your guidelines, tracking affiliate metrics and KPIs and providing affiliate support. They may also handle affiliate marketing materials like banners, email templates, pre-written copy and graphics.

PPC Managers

Pay-per-click campaigns are a great way to generate leads and sales for your business and you can outsource PPC services through our company. The virtual assistant PPC specialist you hire will determine the best media channels for PPC campaigns, perform in-depth keyword research and track and analyze campaigns to determine their effectiveness. In addition, they assist with landing page design and may track competitors’ PPC campaigns to see what is effective for them.

Other Marketing Specialists

We can recruit any type of marketing specialist you need for a wide range of industries. Additionally, we can provide include UI/UX designers and website designers.

build marketing team for hire

How We Recruit Remote Marketers

Our digital marketing outsourcing service has an effective process for recruiting the specialists you need.

  1. Provide us with your requirements: we talk to you via Skype or telephone to determine the specific qualifications of the marketing specialist you need.
  2. Candidate selection: the resumes of the most suitable marketing specialists matching your requirements are forwarded to you for your review.
  3. Conduct interviews: you conduct interviews of your preferred candidates by Skype or video conference. If you like you may administer a test to assist you in your final decision.
  4. Final preparations: we establish a workflow and set a starting date. Once the service agreement is signed everything is set and ready to go.

Why Trust Our Company to Find a Perfect Marketing Expert

We are a Ukraine digital marketing outsourcing company that is capable of recruiting any type of marketing specialist you require. There are a lot of outstaffing services out there that businesses can use to find marketing experts so why should you trust us to find the specialists you need? Here are a few of the reasons you can depend on us to find the marketing professionals you require.

  • Experienced and skilled marketing pros: the marketing professionals we recruit are well qualified with extensive experience in diverse industries. We screen every marketing specialist to verify their qualifications and experience to ensure they meet your requirements. Your team is only as good as its members and we make sure you have the best.
  • Teams tailored for you: we don’t try to force you into a ready-made solution that may not meet your needs. The remote marketing teams we hire for you are customized to fit your requirements. Whether you need to hire a full time digital marketer, part-time specialists or work on a per-project basis we tailor our service to fit your needs.
  • Scalable: we are aware that needs change and we can adapt to those changes. If you need to expand your team on short notice we can provide marketers on demand that have the qualifications you are looking for without wasting a lot of time.
  • Cost-effective: salaries for our marketing specialists are low compared to those in Western Europe and North America for an equivalent skill and experience level. Associated costs like office space, equipment and related expenses are assumed by us.

In addition to marketing outsourcing, we provide additional BPO services such as customer support teams and back office support services.

Hire Full Time Digital Marketer to Serve in Your Industry

We aren’t limited to providing marketing services to just a few industries. Our company can supply the marketing professionals you need for businesses related to a wide range of industries.

industries marketers on demand serve

Some of the industries we serve include but are not limited to:

  • Retail and eCommerce
  • Manufacturing
  • Travel and hospitality
  • Telecommunications
  • Agriculture
  • Healthcare
  • Automotive
  • Logistics and transportation
  • Information technology
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Banking and financial services

Benefits of Cooperating with Ukrainian Marketing Pros

For businesses that outsource marketing Ukraine has become a popular destination. There are a number of benefits to be gained when you work with Ukraine online marketing professionals. Here are some of the advantages of working with a Ukraine marketing manager.

  • Saves you money: due to the lower cost of living in Ukraine compared to most of Western Europe and North America, salaries for marketing professionals are considerably less while the skill and experience level is the same or higher.
  • Marketing expertise: online marketing professionals in Ukraine are well educated with many of them holding professional degrees. Their level of expertise matches that of marketing pros in most countries and they have experience in diverse industries.
  • We speak your language: in marketing communication is critical. The majority of Ukrainian professionals have a high level of proficiency in English as well as being fully qualified to a high standard in marketing.
  • Staff that understand remote working: many of the available staff in the Ukraine have extensive experience with remote working. This means that they have the skill sets required to complete your tasks just as you require.

To promote your products and services as effectively as possible contact us and build a remote marketing team in Ukraine!